The healing power of chi (life force) is the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine -- acupuncture, chi kung (qigong), and natural herbal remedies. Each of these practices strives to stimulate chi and awaken the body's natural healing ability. Both chi kung and tai chi are considered preventative medicine and can be incorporated into one's daily life for good health and longevity. 


Students come to classes for a variety reasons -- to overcome health problems, to improve balance & leg strength, to feel calmer & more in control, or simply to enjoy the slow & graceful movements. Whatever your reason, please join us to experience these movements for yourself! 




CHI KUNG:  Chi kung is a series of gentle movements designed to stimulate and balance the flow of energy throughout the body. These postures are synchronized with breath and visualization creating a relaxed state of awareness. Most postures are repeated several times which makes them easy to follow. We will learn several chi kung walks also to improve balance and leg strength. It's all very enjoyable!


BEGINNING TAI CHI:  Although tai chi is widely practiced for its many health benefits, it is ultimately a martial art -- each movement of the form has a self-defense application. We will learn the opening section of Wu Style Slow Form along with several chi kungs, including Jiang Jian-ye's Yin Yang Medical Chi Kung. We will also introduce single-hand push hands, a two-person set, for those interested in the martial aspect.


INTERMEDIATE TAI CHI:  This class is a continuation of the Wu Style Slow Form (108). The current class is working on section 3 (kicking sequence) and section 4 (Jade Lady sequence). If you have previously studied this form and wish to review, please join us!




These classes are ongoing. Please feel free to visit or enroll at any time!



Mondays, 9:30 - 10:30am



Thursdays, 12:00 - 1:00pm


Thursdays, 1:00 - 2:00pm



Enroll for a month at $10 per class

Drop-in for $12 per class



Debra Strack began studying Wu style tai chi in 1997 with Gary Lee at Lee's White Leopard in Little Rock. She learned empty-hand forms, push hands, and weapon forms (saber, straight sword & staff). Eventually she earned her Brown Belt and became Lee's assistant instructor for his classes in Conway. She has taught tai chi and chi kung at Hendrix College since 2006. And she has furthered her own tai chi training with Adam Frank, a professor in the Honors College at UCA, and in seminars with his teacher from Shanghai, Master Shen Tiegen. 




Debra Strack, instructor

Email: debrastrack@gmail.com

Text:  501-358-2417


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These classes can not be purchased or scheduled through this website, but do take place at our studio. Contact Debra directly with any questions!

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