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Listed in order of difficulty.



Yin is for anyone who wants to stretch out and chill. There are no standing poses. Music is low and mostly instrumental. This class is a combination of floor stretches and guided meditation.  This class can be taken by those who have never done yoga before. We hold poses for 3 to 5 minutes, so the body has a long time to really get a deep stretch. 


Gentle Basics

Gentle Basics a beginner class with a softer approach. We will practice floor stretches, and will incorporate standing poses, but there will not be a lot of gettting up and down. Time on the hands, such as down dog and plank, is very limited. 



Basics classes familiarize students with beginner poses and focus on proper alignment. This class has a slower pace, but is preparing students for the Flow class, so is challenging at times.  This class introduces sun salutations, which generate heat and develop strength. 



Hot classes are detoxifying. Flexibility is increased and sweat abounds. The room can be around 95 degrees. Hot is great for people who love the heat, and/or those who are inflexible. If inflexiblity is what brings you to a yoga class, you should at least try Hot.  This is a mixed level class and offers more difficulty than the Hot Basics class. Please bring water and a towel, and try to hydrate throughout the day of class.



Flow classes are fun and challenging! We will refine beginner poses and introduce intermediate/advanced poses. We will focus on linking poses with breath to create a moving meditation. This class assumes that you are familiar with the basics and moves at a quicker pace. Flow is great for those who like to move and groove. 



Power classes are intense! Think Flow, but add arm balances and inversions. These classes focus on core and upper body strength. Power is perfect for Flow students who are ready to take it to the next level. Expect fun, sometimes loud music to keep you motivated!

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