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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Are men allowed? Absolutely. Yoga was actually created by men and limited to men only for a long time, so it's funny that people think that yoga is thing for women. We welcome all genders. 

2.) Are kids allowed? Yes & it depends. Kids are allowed if they are able to pay attention and not be distracting. This varies from kid to kid, but I've found that kids need to be at least 8 in order to have a shot at focusing their attention on an activity for an hour without flopping around, talking and being distracting. 

3.) What should I wear? You can wear pretty much anything that you would wear to the gym. Clothes that are comfortable but also fitted enough to where you won't expose yourself if you lift a leg or bend over. ;) People often worry that everyone in class will be wearing special yoga clothes. You will see everything from yoga clothes to sweats, to tshirts. The point is, don't overthink your outfit. 

4.) What should I bring? You can bring water, a hand towel and a mat if you have one. And money if you need to pay. 

5.) Do I need my own mat? I do have mats and all the props you will need, so you are not required to have your own mat, however, the mats may be wiped down but are not washed every time someone touches them, so if that bothers you, you need your own. If you are new to yoga, I would just get a cheap mat which you can get anywhere like Target or TJ Maxx for around $10. If you decide you love yoga and committed, you should purchase a better quality mat if you can. I sell my favorite brand (Jade) in the studio for $85. 

6. Where do I park? We do not have our own parking lot. You will need to park across the street at the Northside Church of Christ. They prefer if we park away from the church, on the other side of the trees that are in the parking lot. That way their congregation members have easy access to the church. 

More to come...

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