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Gentle Waves Soundbath
with Embassy of Sound
Sunday 11/5/23 @5pm

Daman Hoffman, certified sound therapist with Embassy of Sound will help you find a state of deep relaxation with a guided meditation, Himalayan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, chimes, ocean drum, planet gongs, and more. As you soak in the pure harmonic tones, the gentle vibrations will carry you into a dream-like state of consciousness. When you are tuned into your highest self, you may experience a greater connection between body and mind, reduced stress and anxiety, and feel more balanced and focused.

We welcome you to join us for this unique experience. No prior experience is needed and no movement will be involved. The cost of admission is $30. Guests are advised to bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, water, and any other items needed for comfort.

Cathartic Breathwork
with Johanna Epps
Saturday 9/23/23 @ 11am

When we experience traumas in our lives, whether big or small, they are either processed or stored. When we breathe fully, we touch in to those areas where we've stored emotions- so over time, in order to not feel those emotions, we shut down parts our breath, parts of ourselves. In this way, we avoid the pain, but we also limit our experience of life when don't allow ourselves to fully access our emotions. 

Working with the breath has been a part of the Eastern tradition of yoga for thousands of years. The yogis understood that there is a direct connection between our breathing and our emotional/mental/physical well-being.

This experience is for anyone who feels like they are holding onto emotions that they are ready to express and release. Those who want to let go of the past and move forward feeling lighter and clearer. This breathing style is not recommended for those who have a severe mental diagnosis, heart problems or breathing problems such as asthma.

Please bring a pillow, blanket, water. You'll be lying down the entire time, so wear clothes you are comfortable in. Class is limited to 10 so pre-registration is recommended. $30

Mom & Me Yoga
with Allison Hart
2nd Saturdays @ 11:30am
10/14, 11/11 & 12/9

Moms! You and your little yogis are invited to spend some quality time together. Join us on the 2nd Saturday of each month for a Mom & Me Yoga flow. Class will include a mini flow, partner poses and games. We will move, breathe, and laugh together. This class will be for grown ups and littles, ages 5- (?), no prior experience necessary. $20

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