Johanna Epps

Johanna took her first yoga class at At One Yoga in Phoenix Arizona and was instantly hooked. She began the 200 hour teacher training program after only a year of practice. Over the past 18 years, she's taught yoga in homes, studios, athletic clubs, spas, a community college and a professional athlete training center. Her favorite teacher, David Romanelli, made her fall in love with yoga and most influences her style.  David's class has a sincere message, great music, and a soft touch. In 2006, she completed her advanced yoga training at Kripalu with Ana Forrest.  Ana is fierce and believes in transformation through hard work.  It is the mix of these two elements, nurturing but intense, that inspired one student to call her the velvet hammer.

Lori Leavell

Lori was introduced to yoga about four years ago and has been practicing more regularly in the last two years. In June of 2014, she became certified (Asheville Yoga Center) at the 200-hour-level to teach vinyasa yoga. With particular interest in the history of yoga traditions, she seeks to bring knowledge of those traditions to her classes. She enjoys the physical and mental rigor that yoga demands while also valuing the playfulness it tends to elicit. Her favorite postures include twists and arm balances.

April Lane

In 2012 April took her first yoga class and realized for one of the first times how the breathe, body, mind and spirit were intimately connected. This led her to became interested in meditation and how the mind, body, and spirit were able to heal by revealing and nurturing a deeper understanding through techniques that deepen compassion, truth, kindness, and love. She traveled to India in 2018 to receive her 100 hour teacher training in Dharmsala, India. This experience opened up an awareness of the potential of the mind through commitment, discipline, and investigation into the inner depths of consciousness. She offers classes structured for beginners and dedicated meditators, and also offers private guided sessions to work one on one with students seeking to dedicate themselves to a practice. “It is through inward investigation, stillness and silence that allows us to cultivate acceptance, truth, and love for ourselves and all other beings.” 

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