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Way back when, this little building was known as Ma Tuckers.  

It has been in my family for decades.  Serving delicious southern food, Ma Tuckers was a haven for college students, shoe factory workers, and countless others.  Johanna Epps, owner of Go Inside Yoga, is the great granddaughter of Mrs. Elzie (Ma) Tucker. 


Johanna was born in California, but moved to Arkansas when she was 4.  Her mother was called to help Ma Tucker run the restaurant in 1979, shortly after her great grandfather passed.  Not old enough to attend school yet, Johanna went to work with her mom, sat at a vacant table and made art.  As the years passed, she spent her summers in the restaurant clearing tables and washing dishes.  


This space holds fond memories for me.  I will never forget the smell of my grandmothers cooking, the warmth of the community created around it, or listening to Magic 105's Tommy Smith on a little clock radio at the front counter.  My father has put his heart and soul into transforming this space into a beautiful yoga studio.  Myself, my parents and grandparents are thrilled to open the doors to Conway residents once again.  I hope to create a community as varied and genuine as Ma Tucker did.

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