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Listed in order of difficulty.


Calm is for anyone who wants to stretch out and chill. My goal is to create an environment that helps everyone to down regulate their nervous system. This class is born out of my own struggle with anxiety and dealing with over-stimulation. Expect quiet & low spa type music. This class is a combination of floor stretches and guided meditation. We hold poses for 3 to 5 minutes so the body has a long time to really get a deep stretch. Beginners welcome. Guided meditation is one of the easiest forms of meditation for beginners because it gives the mind something to focus on as the student gets more comfortable with being still.


Gentle Basics is a beginner class with a softer approach. We will practice floor stretches and standing poses, but there will not be a lot of getting up and down. Time on the hands, such as down dog and plank, is very limited. This class is popular with Seniors and those who just want to take it easy. Due to the chill nature of the class, Gentle classes are great for calming your nervous system and shifting you out of over stimulation. Music is low and instrumental.


Basics classes familiarize students with beginner poses and focus on proper alignment. This class has a slower pace, but is preparing students for the Flow class, so is challenging at times. This class is great for students who are new to yoga, as well as seasoned yoga students who just prefer a less demanding practice. Basics classes are well rounded, equal parts relaxing and demanding. 


Flow classes are fun and challenging! We will refine beginner poses and introduce intermediate/advanced poses. We will focus on linking poses with breath to create a moving meditation. This class assumes that you are familiar with the basics and moves at a quicker pace. This class is great for those who like to move and groove. Due to the demanding nature of the class, Flow classes are great for getting you out of your head and into your body. This class will include upbeat music that can get loud. :)


Power classes are similar to flow classes but more challenging. Power classes are best for students who have little difficulty with Flow classes and are ready for more. We will work to build strength and explore more intricate variations of poses. We will also work on arm balances and inversions. This class will include upbeat music that can get loud. :)

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